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Tom Dolezal was seriously injured in a car accident and while he was in a coma for eight days he claims he went to Heaven and now has a "vivid memory" of his experience there with Jesus, God and the angels.
Here are seven recent examples of this apparent rise in uncivil behavior. They include the denial of service at restaurants, attacks on social media, and even leaving an animal carcass outside a person's home.
Having a job and the means to earn money is a blessing that people could always be more thankful for, and spending on the right things will go a long way in making sure that one will have enough when the unexpected happens. The people who are good with their money go one step further than everyone else, though.
Evangelist and author Anne Graham Lotz, the 70-year-old daughter of legendary evangelist Billy Graham, has asserted that most people in today's American culture are essentially living as "practical atheists" and that today's culture is a sign that "the enemy has unleashed an attack on God's people."
This year has already been an awesome one for astronomy fans, but the best is yet to come — the longest lunar eclipse to ever occur in the 21st century. On July 27, moon watchers will be treated to an extra lengthy total eclipse that will bathe the moon in an awe-inspiring "blood moon" glow.
For many, dogs are still man's best friend, a general rule that even cat lovers will hardly disagree with — especially not with this viral video of a police dog that went the extra mile to learn CPR so he can save the life of his buddy.
Representative Maxine Waters called on her supporters to harass and confront Trump administration members to escalate the situation surround the "zero tolerance" policy and the family seperations at the border. A day later, she has changed her tone following criticism from President Trump and even her fellow Democrat.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's re-election win on Sunday came despite significant concerns for Christians in the country, a persecution watchdog group has warned.
For the first time, a drug based on cannabis has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It's called Epidiolex, a medical formulation of cannabidiol (CBD), and it's also a first in the field of epilepsy treatments, as well.
Roseanne Barr expressed a whole range of emotions in her first on-air interview since she was fired from the ABC revival of the show that she herself created, "Roseanne." She said she was willing to take on whatever happens, and is accept it all, as she told God.
Rep. Waters, are you sure want this kind of America? Are you sure you want this new civil war (or, should I say, new war on civility)?
Everyone agrees that gun violence in America is a deadly problem, but there's a deep divide over how to solve the tragic conundrum.
Richard "The Old Man" Harrison was, without question, a father figure for not just the crew of the Gold & Silver Pawn shop but also for the millions of "Pawn Stars" fans. It's with a heavy heart that his family and crew announced his passing at the age of 77.
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences revealed that they are inviting 928 potential new members, reflecting the organization's push for diversity.
Khloe Kardashian denied the report that she had spent a "tense" dinner with her baby daddy Tristan Thompson.
Actress Katherine Heigl thought that she was just making a light situation out of a usually gloomy place. But her impromptu photo shoot at a cemetery in Buffalo, NY offended several netizens, which is why she decided to bring them down.
Killing a child is legal — our nation has accepted this. And though the Supreme Court has given us this one instance of free speech, we need not get too confident — we need to be asking what is next. What might we be required to advertise, promote or sell? What will we not be able to say, express, or do?
White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders opened up about her controversial encounter at the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, VA on Friday.
Kanye West revealed that he was worried that his wife Kim Kardashian will leave him after he blurted out a controversial remark regarding slavery.
Heather Locklear seemed to be on a downward spiral. Just hours after bailing out of jail, cops and paramedics returned to her home after someone called to report that the actress overdosed.

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